AUA Nursing Students Succeed at Work

Since the groundbreaking and historic launch of the Turpanjian College of Health Sciences Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) program at AUA, the first cohort of students who began their studies in Fall 2022 have been steadily progressing in the program. BSN Program Chair Dr. Nour Alayan updates us on upcoming news and events related to the Program and its participants. 

The Program is still in its infancy and will continue to expand. Taking into consideration feedback from students, all of whom are practicing nurses working in Armenia’s different healthcare facilities, as well as the professors teaching in the program, the curriculum will undergo some changes. “We identified a gap in students’ pathophysiology knowledge so we will be implementing a refresher course by next summer. We also have three additional courses covering distinct topics that we left open to address once they were identified. In addition, we will be recommending a statistics course to be a prerequisite for the Program’s research course,” Dr. Alayan explains.  

Joining the lineup of professors for the Program is Vicky Herkelian, who will be starting as a nursing lecturer in July. Hailing from Ireland, her range of expertise lies within intensive care and humanitarian and community work. From the students’ perspective, they are eager to learn new and updated information and comment that their colleagues in the workplace are now looking up to them and coming to them with more and more questions. Some of the students have also been directly impacted by their involvement in the Program and have been promoted in the workplace as a result. “One of our students, Maria Aleksandrova (BSN ‘24), became a nurse educator, which may be a position that is the first of its kind in Armenia. Another student, Meri Hovanessian (BSN ‘24), was promoted to nurse manager,” shares Dr. Alayan. 

The students have been looking forward to their participation in an upcoming conference hosted by the International Medical Congress in Armenia, set to take place on July 5 at AUA, where they will be presenting on the topic of nursing. At events like this, not only do students gain experience with a variety of skills outside of the classroom or the hospital, but it also helps to raise awareness of the BSN program. “In terms of promoting the Program, we are also reaching out to different medical colleges, and recently, we hosted representatives from the Yerevan Medical Institute after Mehrabyan for a campus tour where they learned more about the BSN,” adds Dr. Alayan.

The second cohort of students is set to start in Fall 2023. Just like their predecessors, they have to overcome the language barrier, which is why they are offered English language courses by Open Education. “We also changed our GPA requirements and have a rigorous screening process in place now in terms of following up on students’ English language preparedness, which will ensure that we accept more qualified nurses,” Dr. Alayan elaborates. 


Maria Aleksandrova, BSN ‘24
Qanaqer- Zeytun MC Department of ICU and Anaesthesiology

Studying at AUA has provided me with the opportunity to realize my dream. I was recently promoted to the position of nurse educator and am sharing my knowledge and leading others on this journey. The BSN program provides me with the necessary skills and knowledge to do this, and I borrow examples from my lectures taught by Dr. Alayan and Talin Gulgulian.



Meri Hovhannisyan, BSN ‘24

It was my dream to continue my professional education, however, there were no options in our country until the launch of the BSN program. I was recently promoted to the position of nurse manager at Wigmore Hospital for Children, which is a great responsibility for me. The knowledge I receive at AUA helps me tremendously as I develop professionally on a daily basis and discover a new world of nursing.