AUA Alumni Pay It Forward

Hayk Martirosyan (MS EE ‘97), Anahit Bagiryan (BA E&C ‘20), and Sona Petrosyan (MBA ‘97)

“Although time has passed, we never forgot the role AUA played in our lives. Just like others who supported AUA in the mid 1990s and enabled us to study here and build our careers, we decided to give back to AUA and establish a scholarship in order to express our gratitude and help other students to have this valuable and life-changing experience. It is such a good feeling to give back, to be a part of something so vitally important, once as a student beneficiary and now as a supporter of another student.”

Sona Petrosyan (MBA ‘97)
Co-founder and Board Member of My Way Socio-Rehabilitation Day Care Center; Board Member of the Autism National Foundation

Hayk Martirosyan (MS EE ‘97)
General Director of IKO Machinery

Anahit Bagiryan (BA E&C ‘22)
Recipient of the Hayk Martirosyan & Sona Petrosyan Scholarship
“I am very grateful to Hayk and Sona. They are role models that we should all look up to, especially since they are AUA alumni. Their generosity inspires me to find a way of helping others one day.”

AUA Alumni Shine in the Workplace

“When we opened up our office in Armenia a couple of years ago, I didn’t really know what to expect. Since opening up the office, we’ve hired a big chunk of our team from AUA, whether in the form of new graduates or alumni. And I’ve just been blown away at the quality of the education of our team and the performance that we’ve gotten out of them.”

Vahe Kuzoyan
President & Co-Founder, ServiceTitan

“One of the primary reasons for my success was my knowledge of American business management and culture, which I got from AUA. Besides knowledge within my discipline at AUA, I also gained soft skills that allowed me to collaborate and work with people from different backgrounds and cultures.” 

Artavazd Minasyan
Co-Founder, Krisp (MBA ‘12)

“Employing AUA alumni has been a great addition to Synergy’s team. What truly distinguishes them is their ability to adapt to the ever-changing and evolving world of modern technologies and communications. They perform well in a multicultural environment, are skilled, knowledgeable and have a great work ethic. We look forward to hiring more talents from this reputable institution.”

Ashot Hovanesian
CEO, Synergy Armenia

“AUA Alumni have time and again demonstrated innovative problem solving, excellent communication and a solid technical foundation. Their contributions to the product continue to be recognized by our management team.”

Tigran Nazaryan
Director of Operations, VMware Armenia