Anush Arakelyan, B.S. in Computer Science ‘26

Isabelle Aranosian Hodgson Foundation of 2015 Scholarship Recipient

Anush Arakelyan applied to AUA because of its advanced program in computer science and access to resources and opportunities in the field. As a freshman majoring in computer science, Anush enjoys not only her track courses, but also the general education subjects, which broaden her interests in a number of areas. 

“I chose AUA because I believe it is the right place for me to develop my skills,” she remarks. “I want to become a game developer. I feel like gaming can offer many skills and insights to young minds, if you make it knowledgeable and educational. I always wanted to create an intellectual game so that children could learn about something new through an engaging and interactive outlet.” 

In the near future, Anush hopes to gain sufficient knowledge in programming languages and make her first step in game development, particularly for Armenian companies. Her long-term goal is to establish her own startup with a focus on educational games. 

In addition to academics, Anush actively partakes in extracurricular activities. She believes that being acquainted with people from different disciplines is an asset which helps her learn more about the world. Together with her classmate from high school, she participated in the second Armenian National Science and Innovation Competition and reached the finals of the International Science and Engineering Fair 2022 representing Armenia with the article “Lightning parade – spark and movement.” The duo’s idea was to create a mechanism for shoes which can generate energy to be harnessed as electricity to charge phones and other devices.