Anahit Yeghiazaryan, B.S. in Data Science ‘26

Zabelle Crosson Scholarship Recipient

Anahit applied to AUA to study data science, as it is a discipline that can be applied to many fields. Growing up in a family of scientists, she was encouraged to take her path of choice in the sciences, which proved difficult to choose. After research and careful consideration, Anahit chose data science. She believes it is highly valuable in today’s job market and applicable to diverse areas.

“AUA grabbed my attention with its education system,” she said. “It encourages students to work harder, improve themselves, and experience opportunities that no other university offers. The courses and approach of professors is different from anything I’ve ever experienced. AUA also emphasizes participation, which is extremely important, especially to facilitate exchange of ideas and perspectives. There are alumni who achieved great accomplishments upon graduation. Some of them also teach at AUA. I’m sure there is always something more to learn here.” 

During the summer of 2022, Anahit completed an internship in Engineering City, an environment created to facilitate engineering companies to collaborate and solve challenges. She worked on research with Tumo labs on biomechanics and sensors, the goal of which was to understand how the human mind can control prosthetics with the help of machine learning. 

In the future, Anahit wants to continue her career with bioinformatics. She hopes that AUA will offer her the necessary foundation to continue her education with a master’s degree and Ph.D. One of her goals is to become a professor to teach and continue diving into research. 

“I believe that research is the only way to continue developing education in this country,” she notes. “I cannot say what impact I will have on my country, but I am sure that I will support educational projects in Armenia. I would like to work for FAST Foundation because they finance biotechnology and launch various educational programs. I love how inspiring and goal-oriented they are. Their work truly makes an impact on this country.”