Message from the President

Dear AUA Friends,

The American University of Armenia community is very strong and the love and care everybody at AUA has for one another, for the homeland, and the values we hold dear are truly unique. When this empathy and integrity are combined with cutting-edge knowledge, responsible and responsive leadership, and social capital, we as a community, make an immeasurable difference enabling Armenia to prosper and stand tall among other nations of the world. 

At AUA, we all know that we must continue to develop sustainable solutions that will leave an enduring, inspiring, and supportive impact for generations to come. I am immensely proud to be a part of this community to witness the incredible unity and strength of our students, alumni, faculty, and staff. Together we will continue to thrust forward, to learn, to grow, and to make a significant difference. 

We are convinced in our determination to stay on course and to educate the next generation of leaders who will take the wheel and lead Armenia to a healthy and invincible future. Our strong commitment to our mission is better fulfilled with you on our side. Our power to prepare the next generation of leaders to achieve success is enhanced with your sustained support. Our vision to advance world class education, excellent research and sustainable outreach can only be realized with your partnership with our team. Please join hands with us as we advance our University with greater trust, reliance, and strength!

With heartfelt thanks,

Dr. Karin Markides

Build AUA’s Annual Fund

Your Gift to the AUA Annual Fund Will...

  • Ensure every qualified student has the opportunity to study at AUA
  • Bolster the AUA endowment for enhanced financial sustainability
  • Develop and strengthen the University’s academic programs
  • Support the Student Success Center
  • Continue building AUA’s Scholarship Program
  • Secure funding for rural education
  • Hire renowned faculty for existing and new programs
  • Support Professional Development at AUA
  • Enrich library resources
  • Underwrite continuing adult education and outreach programs
  • Expand University facilities
  • Develop AUA Press into a reputable publishing house for scholarly books and journals
  • Recruit international students